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Here at findtrustedreviews we specialise in finding you the very best and latest product reviews. Working with hundreds of retailers, we aim to source the most valuable and honest reviews of products to help you find the very best for your needs. Today’s review of Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle from Debenhams has been picked because it features as one of the best selling products and most popular within the Rattles category at Debenhams.

With 7 products in the Rattles category, ranging from just a couple of pounds, up to a few hundred. There’s so much choice that it’s important to read customer reviews to help you find the very best. Our system scans popular websites like Debenhams and sources the products that fit our criteria of being one of the best value in each category and having the best customer reviews too. The scores shown above give you a quick indication of how well Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle performed in our review, but read on using the button above to give you an even clearer picture.

Is Tomy the best for items in the ‘Rattles’ category?

As you can imagine there are hundreds of brands fighting to compete to be the best brand in their industry. Particularly at big retailers and department stores like Debenhams. With so much choice it makes it difficult for consumers to decide which products are best suited to their needs. So my advice is to narrow down to a brand you know and trust first. There are 3 Tomy products and a total of 7 to choose from in the Rattles category. So there’s plenty of choice of products just from Tomy. To give you a guide on budgets and price you should expect to pay roughly £8 for Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle (which was the price at Debenhams UK on our latest search online.)

With so much choice we suggest narrowing your search down by setting yourself a few key criteria, like a budget, a brand and then going away and reading reviews. The score we provide at the top takes into account a number of factors, from the price, the quality, the reputation of the brand and generally a reflection of customer reviews of Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle.

  • A happy baby is at the end of this rainbow! Specially designed for little hands, the Rainbow Glow Rattle features an easy to grasp handle with a happy little bug on the top that changes colours with a light shake. Watch in delight as the bug changes from blue to red to green! Featuring soft teething eyes and a twisting base, baby will quickly find a favourite toy in this rattle. Size: Colour:
  • Product codes: 7858138
  • Product ID 1: 2200878581382
  • Product ID 2: 796714276304

Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle Review: Quality – 93%

Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle received an overall quality score of 9.3 out of 10 in our review. This puts it right near the top of the category and probably helps to explain why it’s so popular with customers at Debenhams. To give you a rough guide, a score above 8.1 would be considered good for products in the Rattles category, so it’s good to see Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle scoring so well.

Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle Price comparison

As previously mentioned, there are a huge amount of options when buying Rattles products from Debenhams, 7 options to be precise. So it’s important that once you’ve made the decision on what product you want to buy, that you get it at the right price. That’s where we come in. Our automated system scans the web daily to look for deals, codes and discounts on a huge range of products. It scans all of the top retailers to try and get you the best possible price, without the hassle of having to look yourself on all the major retail outlets. During our most recent scan we found that Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle was listed with Debenhams for just £8. To get the latest price check just click on the “read full review” button and it will take you to Debenhams.

In terms of pricing, Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle gained a score of 93% again outperforming the majority of alternative products in this sector.

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Lamaze – Rainbow Glow Rattle Written by: Matt Cooper
Rating: 9.2 out of 10